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It is best advised to receive the Yantra after thorough Energization. It has to be normally energized atleast for a Mandal which is equivalent to 48 days. It is of no use if one gets these Yantra's without being Energized. The more number of days it is being energized the benefits would be doubled up and it can even start producing results in a short span. If you are not convinced with what is been advised then we will leave it to your own discretion and deliver the respective products without proper energization.

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Maha Ganapathy Yantra

Maha Ganapathy Yantra - Prosperity and Sucess

Maha Ganapathy   YantraMaha Ganesh Yantra, the remover of all obstacles and also helps one to attain Siddhi, prosperity and success. This is a very Effective Yantra. His yantra consists of a square, inside which is an eight petals lotus, inside this is a hexagon and in the centre an upward facing triangle. Ganesh is the foremost God.He is worshipped first on all auspicious occasions, whether it is a marriage or a religious function. Ganeshji is also invoked and worshipped before any festival, or a new project or venture that a Hindu undertakes. Ganesh has many faces and many forms including a pose of him dancing, a pose of him as a child and a young man.

Maha Ganapathy yantra is kept and it is recommended to do pooa before starting any work. The worshipper is blessed with success in work, business and all undertakings. The sadhaka will be blessed with fulfillment of desires, power, wealth and authority. The Lord Ganpati is the fulfiller of all wishes. His grace removes all obstacles and impediments, He is the Divine Purveyor of true knowledge, success in life, prosperity and all Spiritual Powers. And hence all Gods, humans and even demons bow to Him.

You can keep this yantra in your house, office or altar place and do the pooja .You have to chant this mantra for 108 times and with the energy of chanting you would be blessed with the positive energy of Maha Ganapathy Yantra.

Maha Ganapathy Mantra is as follows
Om Sreem Hreem Kleem Gloung Gang Ganapataye Var Varade Sarva Jan Me Vash Manaya Namaha!

How to use the Yantra in Altar?

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