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It is best advised to receive the Yantra after thorough Energization. It has to be normally energized atleast for a Mandal which is equivalent to 48 days. It is of no use if one gets these Yantra's without being Energized. The more number of days it is being energized the benefits would be doubled up and it can even start producing results in a short span. If you are not convinced with what is been advised then we will leave it to your own discretion and deliver the respective products without proper energization.

Please contact +919994160913 as you will have to incur additional expenditure
towards energization of the Yantra
Special Note: You will be required to pay an additional sum of Rs.2400/- (24 days*100)
towards energization of Yantra
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Lakshmi Kubera Yantra

Lakshmi Kubera

Lakshmi Kubera Yantra Decorate your Life with fortune and Luxuries! Why Lakshmi Kubera Yantra? Lakshmi Kubera Yantra invites one  to money, wealth, good fortunes and affluence! Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi symbolize materialistic prosperity and treasures. When you worship them, you will be talented with all luxuries and riches. The influence lines of the Yantra can flounce away your misfortunes and dispense monetary gains into your life.

How to use the Yantra in Altar?

Description Price Select
Lakshmi Kubera Yantra - 3x3 inches $36
Lakshmi Kubera Yantra - 6x6 inches $99