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Kala Bhairavi Yantra

Kala Bhairavi - Fear, tension, worries, accidents, disrepute etc.

Kala Bhairavi   YantraGoddess Ma bhairavi maintains the sixth significant position among all the ten Dus Mahavidya's. Ma Bhairavi is also known as Tripura-Bhairavi, Bala Bhairavi or Kala-Bhairavi. She is an incarnation of learning and reasoning, bravery and blessings carrying a compassionate and kind smile on her face. Bhairavi is represented graphically as the consort of Bhairava, referred as Shubmkari. She is beneficial to people with moral excellence and dreadful for people possessing negative qualities. Creation and destruction is the phenomena of nature which exists everywhere in the form of bhairavi. Bhairavi is the controlling goddess of this crumbling world. The tantrik sadhna of tripur bhairavi is beneficial for exercising control over sensual desires and for individuals overall spiritual growth. Bhairavi takes care of all circumstances which could cause fear, tensions, worries, accidents and disrepute.

Bhairavi represents transforming heat, Tapas, and also Divine radiance, Tejas. Tapas is not just asceticism, it is a heightened aspiration that consumes all secondary interests and attachments. She is also the basic will power of life which we strive to master. She is the warrior Goddess, who with Her power of Divine speech and spiritual fire eliminates all obstacles to the enfoldment of true awareness, just as She destroyed the demon Mahishasura. Bhairavi yantra brings all round success and wealth.

You can keep this yantra either in your house, office or altar place and do the pooja. . You have to chant this mantra for 21/108 times and with the energy of chanting you would be blessed with the positive energy of kala Bhairavi Yantra.

Kala Bhairav Mantra is as follows
"Hring Hasain Hasa Karim Hasain"

How to use the Yantra in Altar?

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