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Gemstone Astrology

In our universe, human beings actions are controlled by the planetary system .if in any individual horoscope, the planets are well placed he will be in excellent position else different. To ward off the negative effects, gems plays an important role.

Human body emits radiations and also receive radiations from the universe. Depending upon the gravity, we act either positively or negatively. If any one acts negatively, gemstone therapy is one of the best method to nullify the negative effects. By consulting astrology gemstone increase powers of an individual and warding off the ill effects of the planets. Selection of gems is one of the most important factor and to be fixed in right metal to gain positive results else negative results will be there.

Astrology gemstone have magnetic powers and emit vibrations which have strong influence on human body. The gemstone before wearing should be energized properly to receive positive results.

Astrology gemstone have a direct impact on individual zodic sign and here under we give necessary gemstone to wear but before wearing the gem, every care has to be taken of individual horoscope.

Zodic Sign Gems Suitable

:Ruby, Blood Stone
:Golden Topen, Emerald Or Yellow Topaz
:Emerlad, Moonstone
:Zircon, Turquoise
:Topaz Or Agate
:Smoky Quartz
:Blue Sapphire

Gemstone Report / Astrology Gemstones

Gemology Astrology is a scientific approach. It is based on physical phenomenon such as rays, reflection, refraction, specific gravity, degree of hardness of gems etc. Gemstone Reports are prescribed for a weak planet either by placement in a sign or a house or affect badly? Is the cause of a disease. The weakness of the planet can be removed by wearing relevant gem, there by relieving the pain or malady. Astrologypredict will show you in Gemstone Report which stone is suitable for you according to your lagna (ascendant) and the position of the planet associated with the stone in your kundali (chart). We will also provide you with a chart that tells you what gemstone to wear based on your Nirayana Sun sign. We have also parted with information on the rituals believed to be necessary to purify the gemstone before wearing and the mantra associated with that gemstone. Before wearing a stone, we must know whether to wear the stone for an ill-placed planet or a well placed one?

Your checklist to avoid a failure in gem therapy and get good results from your gem:

Here is a basic summary which can help you make a dent in your negative karmic life map and achieve a positive breakthrough:

Among all 6 karmic pathways of solutions the pathway of gemstone therapy is the simplest, most effective and brings tangible results provided you do not fall prey to pitfalls listed above. Gemstone therapy never fails and a good gemstone never fails. The sway of the negative karmic life map leads to failures. I have seen individuals reach exceptional success through gemstones and have also seen the scenarios listed above.

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