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Chennai - Kanchipuram to Thirupathi - Kalasthri - chennai Trip - Shot Trip

Tirupathi, one of the richest temples in the country, is the most venerated Vaishnavite shrine of Lord Venkateswara. It was patronised by the Pallavas, the Cholas, the Pandyas and the Vijayanagar kings. Hence Tirupati translates to Sripati or Sri Maha Vishnu. According to the Puranas, the range of Tirumala hills represent the body of the serpent Adisesha, on which Lord Vishnu, the protector of the world, rests. The seven hills represent the seven heads of the serpent.

\"Kancheepuram\" Kancheepuram - There are 1008 temples built by the ancient rulers here earning the the place the epithet of Temple City of India. Vardharaja Perumal temple, Ekambareswarar temple, Kamatchi Amman temple and Ulaganatha Perumal temple are some of the most famous temples. The city is also famous for its silk since it is home to the finest silk industry in India. The city of Kancheepuram has served as a royal capital to the greatest empires for centuries. The first South Indian stone temples were constructed in Kancheepuram. Ekambreeswarar temple is one of the largest temples in Kancheepuram. Kamatchi Amman temple is one of the three most holy shrines dedicated to Sakthi. Kailashnatha temple reflects the simplicity of early Dravidian architecture. The Kailashnath temple is considered to be the oldest and the most beautiful temple in South India. Magnificent sculptures leave the onlookers mesmerized.

Thirupathi - Lord Venkateswara temple is one of the holiest place for Hindus and the second richest in the world.\"Thirupathi\" One of the most important pilgrimage centres in India, it is claimed to be the busiest in the world, eclipsing Jerusalem, Rome and Mecca in the sheer number of pilgrims visiting the shrine. Among the powers attributed to Venkateswara, is granting of any wish that is made in front of the idol at Tirumala. The temple is the richest and the most visited place of worship in the world. It is visited by 100,000 to 200,000 pilgrims daily, while on special occasions like the annual Brahmotsavam, the number ofpilgrims\' increases to 500,000. According to legend, the temple has a self-manifested murti-idol of Lord Venkateswara. The person, devoid of wealth and vision, is implored to go to the hill which burns up all evil and drives away all obstacles for peace and prosperity. When people travel to Tirupathi, they chant \"Yedu Kondala Vada Venkataramana Govinda Govindaa\" in Telugu. The Laddu is a world famous prasadam given at Tirumala Temple

\"Srikalahasti Srikalahasti Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in the Chittor district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The inner temple is constructed around 5th century and the outer temple was constructed in the 12th Century. The outer Temple was built during the 12th century by the Chola Dynasty & later maintained & improved by the Vijayanagara Kingdom. This temple is famous for the Rahu Kethu Kshetra. People having Rahu Kethu Dosha or Sarpa Dosha come here for the Rahu Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja. The Vedas posit four ends for which human beings strive in their search for happiness: pleasure (kama), security or wealth (artha), duty (dharma) and freedom (moksha). In the temple at Kalahasti these four universal motivations, which may take any worldly form, are, according to temple literature, converted into spiritual impulses. They are represented by four deities facing in the four cardinal directions. Shiva in the form of Dakshinamoorthy represents desire, in this case the desire for liberation, although he more commonly is said to represent the feeling of wealth (dakshina) that comes when you know who you really are. At Kalahasti the Goddess Gnanaprasoonamba (the giver of knowledge or the mother of all knowledge) represents the wealth i.e. freedom from limitation conferred by Self knowledge. The deity Kalahastishwara (the lord of Kalahasti) faces west and symbolizes liberation. Liberation, the death of ego upon the rediscovery of the Self, is the final stage of life just as setting is the suns last act before it disappears over the horizon. SriKalahasti got its name because in days of yore a spider (sri), serpent (kala) and elephant (hasti) elephant worshipped Shiva with great devotion. A spider lived in the inner sanctum and worshipped the Lord by weaving elaborate temples and images of Shiva. One day a breeze came up and caused the altar fire to destroy the spiders offerings. It became angry and was about to gulp down the flame, (realize the Self) endangering its (egos) life. Appreciative of its devotion, Shiva appeared and granted the spider a boon. The spider requested moksha, release from the cycle of births and deaths. Accordingly it became one with Shiva, the Self.

Note: This is for your kind information that pooja materials, food charges and other expenses have to be borne by the customer directly.

Note: This is for your kind information that pooja materials, food charges and other expenses have to be borne by the customer directly.

Chennai to Navagraha Tip - 3 Days Package

Silver Package - Chennai - Kanchipuram to Thirupathi - Kalasthri - chennai Trip - Shot Trip
Silver Package –3 days (2 person) Accommodation- Car & Guide $1500
Silver Package – 3 days (2 person) Accommodation-car, hotel & Guide $2150
Golden Package - Chennai - Kanchipuram to Thirupathi - Kalasthri - chennai Trip - Shot Trip
Golden Package – 3 days (4 person) Accommodation-Innova car & Guide $1750
Golden Package – 3 days (4 person) Accommodation- 2 Rooms in hotel, Innova Car & guide $2900
Diamond Package - Chennai - Kanchipuram to Thirupathi - Kalasthri - chennai Trip - Shot Trip
Diamond Package – 3 days (10 person) A/c –Tempo Traveler & Guide $2900
Diamond Package – 3 days (10 person) Accommodation- 5 Rooms in hotel, A/c-Tempo Traveler & Guide $5850

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