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Venus Rituals/Pooja

Venus Rituals - Love, Beauty and Money

Venus        Rituals/Pooja Venus is known as SUKRA in Vedic astrology. Sukra means "white", or "bright" in Sanskrit. Venus is a karaka, or indicator of spouse, love, marriage, comfort, luxury, beauty, prosperity, happiness, all conveyances, art, dance music, acting, passion and sex, healing and the saying of mantras. Venus Planet is mainly associated with family life, taste and business/livelihood. The benevolent influence of Venus favours accumulation of wealth, jewellery, landed properties, happy home life, success in business and occupations, controlling obesity and fatness. It shows the way you express your love nature and what you aspire for in life as good or beautiful. It also influences your approach to partnerships and indicates what adjustments will be made in order to encourage a loving relationship. It is a female planet, warm, moist, rajasic and its constitution is a mixture of kapha and vata. It is also signifies assets, vehicles, comforts & luxuries, dance & drama, romance, family, wealth, gain and prosperity etc.

Sometimes the placement of Venus in the horoscope chart of some people becomes harsh either because of ill-placement of Venus or by lower dignity or bal of Venus or by both. In this state the impacts of Venus would be negative or malefic to make their life worst on account of the wrath of Venus upon them. Here , we would describe all the possible remedies for Venus. All of them are beneficial for reducing the ill-impacts of Venus. Any one of them or the combinations of two or three of them would be sufficient to reduce the wrath of Venus (when malefic in the chart).

As a God Venus is the Guru of Asuras. Shukracharya is the Lord of the Earth's wealth like metals, minerals, herbs, sacred and divine knowledge. Venus is the only God to know the mantra ''sanjeevini mantra" to make the dead come back alive in the same physical body. Besides, Venus is known as a Brahminical plant with western outlook (a Brahminical outlook), "boga karaka" (cause of enjoyment) to give luxury living, bed comfort, poetry, arangetrams of dance or poetry or any sculptures of beautiful carvings, and any thing of beauty is Venus. Also, any Sacred epics, kings and noble persons, any celebrities, all feminine articles and items come under this planet. Venus falls on Friday and its numerical value is six (6). Lord Venus is not just with quantity, but with quality and good taste. For getting all those divine, one have to perform Lord venus pooja.
He is the second most beneficial planet after Guru. If Sukran is favourably placed in a person's horoscope, the inmate will be blessed with prosperity, beautiful wife, own house, vehicle, fame & marriage. The person will also be very influential. An unfavourably positioned Sukran in ones horoscope causes eye ailments, indigestion, and impotency, loss of appetite and skin problems. Lord Sukran is offered white Lotus, white cloth, mochai kottai (common bean) and aththi (fig) to alleviate problems caused by Sukra dosham. Friday is the day of Sukran and worship on Fridays is considered very special. Sukran is also Ambal's favourite and the special day for Ambal is Friday as well.

After performing this Pooja one will be blessed with a child, wealth, property, gain, and prosperity. Those who wish progeny, success in endeavors, worldly enjoyment and the final emancipation shall attain it by performing this Pooja /Rituals

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