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Sun Rituals/Pooja

Sun Rituals - Be a King

Sun  Rituals/Pooja The Sun God or Surya is the benefactor of your life, who determines WHO YOU ARE now! In a nutshell, he is every leader's mantra or magician-Sun is the ruler of the astrological jargon who rules your active and subconscious mind. Lord Sun is the principal of light, life and love, or true-will and perception.

It is the most important factor for determining the spiritual life and potential of an individual. In represents the soul---the causal body or reincarnating entity---whose will is behind our fate. It is also the mind or the mental principal on a lower level as reason, discernment, clarity and illumination. For getting all those divine, one have to perform Lord Sun pooja. The Sun rules the Pitta element in the body which means that it controls the fire energy in the body. The Sun becomes very strong in the fiery signs namely Aries, Leo and Sagittarius as the basic nature of the Sun and these sign is the same i.e they are all fiery in nature.

The people with a very strong Sun in their horoscope are usually the healthiest of all as they have very good digestion, a very well functioning heart which circulates the blood very well in their body and they can easily get rid of toxins formed in their body as a result of eating some particular foods. Physically, such people are usually very fit and they are usually neither found overweight nor underweight and enjoy a balanced physical shape almost throughout their lives though some of these aspects may change depending upon the placement, strength and Yogas or defects formed by other planets in a particular horoscope.

If you have a well placed Sun in your Natal Chart, you will be one among those who rule; whereas, if you are one among those who have a "not very prominent" placement of Sun, it's high time you learn the secret to appease him!In Medical astrology, it is the Sun who rules your brain! Lord Sun pours his divine blessings upon us so that we could walk well upon a well paved path in our journey on land. Sun reflects strength of mind along with the potency of physique so that could stand firmly while confronting the hurdles and would win over them.

Sun lightens lives upon this mortal land through bringing hope from new possibilities and opportunities and adorns it with the colors of prosperity and fortune leading towards the high mounts glittering with rewards and acknowledgement leading to success in the path of life.Sun is the vivid paradisiacal expression of domination on account of which it confers the authority and dominant persona to the natives as bestowing mortals possibilities of standing at high statures with the power of authority and tremendous reputation with reverence in the masses.

Lord Sun has been reminisced as a paradisiacal teacher and a divine explorer of wisdom and true knowledge of life for which he bestows supreme wisdom and intellect upon the natives of this mortal land.

After performing this Pooja one will be blessed with a child, wealth, property, gain, and prosperity. Those who wish progeny, success in endeavors, worldly enjoyment and the final emancipation shall attain it by performing this Pooja/Rituals.

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