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Ketu Rituals/Pooja

Ketu Rituals - Live life free of entangle!

Ketu           Rituals/Pooja Ketu, the South Node of the Moon means a "sign", or a "banner" in Sanskrit. If Rahu is the planet of worldly desire, then Ketu is the planet of otherworldly desire, or spirituality. Ketu represents the spiritual process of evolution, or the refinement of materialization to spirit. Ketu is considered a worldly malefic and spiritual benefice, as it causes sorrow and loss, which ultimately turns the individual to god. The karakas, or indicators of Ketu are focused intelligence, indicator of liberation, indicator of wisdom, non-attachment, other worldly interests, fantasy, penetrating insight, derangement, carrier of arms and weapons, invisibility and physic abilities. Ketu's gem is the cat's eye (Lehsuniya). This Graha is of a Pitta, or fiery temperament.Ketu has the last maturity of all the planets at age 48, when the soul turns to the pursuit of MOKSHA the pursuit of liberation from this world.

Ketu is the rest of the body of Rahu, it bestows spiritual tendencies, asceticism, and nonattachment to worldly desires and ambitions. Ketu is also a half-planet that bestows wisdom, powers of discrimination, and gyana-spiritual knowledge, the knowledge of the self. It gives psychic abilities to its natives and makes them masters of the healing arts, natural healing, healing herbs, spices, foods, tantric healing, healing persons affected by evil spirits and ghosts. Ketu brings prosperity to the devotee's family, removes the effect of snakebite and illness arising out of poisonous matter entering one's body He grants good health, wealth, cattle and all around prosperity. Ketu has no sign ruler ships, although it is acknowledged to favor Mercury and Jupiter's signs according to some authorities, while others claim that Ketu favors the sign of Scorpio. Ketu stays for 18 months or 1.6 year in each grah.

Ketu is an indicator of intelligence, liberation, wisdom, non-attachment, spirituality, fantasy, penetrating insight, carrier of arms and weapons, invisibility and physic abilities. Knowledge, business, leprosy, poisonous bites are different aspects of this planet. Ketu represents the spiritual process of evolution. Ketu is considered as a worldly malefic and spiritually benefice, as it causes sorrow and loss, which ultimately turns the individual to god. For getting all those divine, one have to perform Lord Ketu pooja.

Picking up bad habits, property disputes and loss of property, humiliation, lack of Progeny, marriage obstacles are all due to Kethu dosham. To get rid of the Kethu dosham it is believed to bestow the following on his devotees; good eyesight, gain in property, fame, vehicle, children etc. Devotees worship Kethu Bhagavan with red Lilly flower, by draping him with multi-coloured cloth and offering Kollu (Horsegram).

After performing this Pooja one will be blessed with a child, wealth, property, gain, and prosperity. Those who wish progeny, success in endeavors, worldly enjoyment and the final emancipation shall attain it by performing this Pooja /Rituals

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