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The respective costs are bound to vary if one prefers to perform the Homa rituals at the corresponding temples or with the number of Priests as desired by the member. Request you to contact the concerned person for costs involved if one wishes to avail these special homa (Fire Rituals) services or email us at [email protected]
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Navagraha Fire Rituals

Navagraha Fire Rituals - Longevity, heath and material prosperity

Navagraha  Navagraha Homam is performed to invoke the blessings of Navagraha (or Nine Devathas) to gain their favours and diminish their ill-effects. So that you can achieve all the desired goals of your life-be it success, prosperity, health, progeny, long life, life partner, you name it!
Bad times are the effects of different malefic Planets (Grahas) and their position in our Horoscope chart. Even the Good Planets can not give you good favourable results if they are affected by those malefic planets or their position in natal chart is not good. One of the best solutions is Navagrah Homa. Grahas can be appeased by performing the Navagraha homam to remove and reduce Doshas i.e. malefic effects. The blessings of the navagrahas can be obtained even if they were placed in disadvantageous positions in the horoscope.

Homam Navgraha homa is recommended for all as it always gives a very positive energy or influence to everyone by activating their wheels of fortunes. The person who is suffering from Misfortunes, Getting obstacles again and again and not getting the desired results in spite of the repeated efforts, lacking Success - this homa is ideal for them. The Navagraha(nine planets or devathas) are the chief deities of the nine planets or celestial bodies that govern each and every aspect of your life. The nine planets are: Soorya(Sun), Chandra(Moon), Mangal(Mars), Budha(Mercury), Bhrihaspati(Jupiter), Shukra(Venus), Shani(Saturn), Rahu (North/ ascending lunar node) and Ketu (South/descending lunar node). The combinations of these planets on your natal chart determine your desires, actions and results.

Every aspect of your life-success and failures, opportunities and hindrances, prosperity and hardships, health and diseases, etc-is an outcome of the positive or negative influence of the nine planets. However, each planet as its own functions and significance.

The mantras, authored by Ved Vyasa, are chanted for each Nava Devatha to transmit its positive energy into your body and strengthen its power in you. So you will feel empowered and will be able to prosper well in all the aspects of your life. Also, if Navagraha Homam is performed once in every year, it ensures longevity, healthy body and material growth.

We Nadi Astro online would help you in performing Navagraha Homam and so that the Navagrahas are pleased and will bestow you only with all the goodness of life.

This Fire Rituals will be performed at Authorized Temple Only. You can attend this homan directly at temple upon our confirmation and receive the energy and blessing directly from Almighty.

If Fire Rituals is performed as Proxy then You will receive the prasad and CD for the ordered fire rituals.

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Navagraha Fire Rituals - Individual $172
Navagraha Fire Rituals - Group $72
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