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Muruga Fire Rituals

Muruga Fire Rituals - Overcome from enemies and ensuring victory in all your endeavors

Muruga Fire RitualsLord Muruga is also known as Subramaniam, Skanda, Guha, Shadannana or Shanmukha (because he has six faces). Muruga Homam or Subramaniya Homam is a highly potent Vedic ritual performed to invoke the immensely gracious and easily pleased Lord Muruga, the chief deity of this Homam, for conquering your enemies, ensuring success in all your pursuits, destroy evil forces and lead a happy and prosperous life. Lord Muruga is the spiritual offspring of Lord Shiva and the embodiment of Kundalini Shakthi. Lord Muruga is six-faced as he represents the six vital chakras in human body. He is considered to be the God of Tamil, an ancient Indian language. He is the presiding deity of Mars and the most dreaded celestial warrior.

He represents a person of perfection. He is the war God, the Hindu equivalent of Mars and Aries. He was created by all the Gods to lead the heavenly hosts and destroy the demons. Lord Muruga removes all the blockages and negativities-be it within or external-and helps you prosper well in all the aspects of your life. He is the most masculine and fierce of all the Gods. While Ganesh removes all obstacles, Skanda bestows all spiritual powers, particularly the power of knowledge. Muruga Homam is an intensive method of worshipping Lord Muruga to seek His grace and blessings to achieve your desired goal. Mars hora fall on Tuesdays are preferred to perform Muruga Homa

Muruga Homam If you want to conquer your enemies and emerge triumphant, Muruga Homam is a sure-fire to make it happen. From business people to politicians to criminal lawyers, anyone who face strong hostility in their personal or professional life can perform Muruga Homam to subdue the opposing forces and ensure success. Lord Muruga is synonymous with speed. Lord Muruga has the quality of being easily pleased, and He responds quickly to your earnest prayers and wishes. So performing Muruga Homam helps you gain immediate results-in all your sincere pursuits!

Muruga Homam can also be called as an all-endowing Homam. Being the Kundalini energy, Lord Muruga removes all the blockages and negativities-be it within or external-and helps you prosper well in all the aspects of your life. Whether you want success, fame, wealth, love, yogic powers, peace, beauty, health, life partner, progeny or spiritual enlightenment, Muruga Homam has the power to endow them all. All special days for Lord Muruga like Punguni Uttram, Thai Poosam, Sashti Thithis (that happen during the waxing moon), Tuesdays, etc., are considered to be auspicious and and beneficial for performing Muruga Homam.

We Nadi Astro online would help you in performing Murugan Homam and ensure that all your desired goals are quickly realized.

This Fire Rituals will be performed at Authorized Temple Only. You can attend this homan directly at temple upon our confirmation and receive the energy and blessing directly from Almighty.

If Fire Rituals is performed as Proxy then You will receive the prasad and CD for the ordered fire rituals.

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Murugan Homam Fire Rituals - Individual $135
Murugan Homam Fire Rituals - Group $72
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