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It is best advised to receive the Yantra after thorough Energization. It has to be normally energized atleast for a Mandal which is equivalent to 48 days. It is of no use if one gets these Yantra's without being Energized. The more number of days it is being energized the benefits would be doubled up and it can even start producing results in a short span. If you are not convinced with what is been advised then we will leave it to your own discretion and deliver the respective products without proper energization.

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towards energization of the Yantra
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towards energization of Yantra
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Sri Krishna Yantra

Sri Krishna Yantra - Arts and Skills

Sri Krishna    YantraSri Krishna Puja Yantra also enhances the decision making ability of a person. It makes a person more mentally stable and cool, calm and collected, as a result of which one doesn't get mush adversely affected even in the toughest and most adverse of situations. Thus Shri Krishna yantra shines the personality, enhances the speaking skills of the worshipper. One gets success in all endeavors by the blessings of this yantra. Shri Krishna yantra helps one to choose the right path stake right decisions in difficult situations and enhances attraction in the personality and helps to maintain positive energy. It increases self confidence of the worshipper. It improves arts and skills. This yantra plays a very important role in attaining victory.

A person also develops an aura of positive energy around him, which makes him feel like an optimistic even in the most unfavorable situations. Sri Krishna Yantra also fills and boosts up poise and a belief on oneself, and elevates the hidden arts, skills, and talent. With the help of self-confidence and great arts and skills, one is able to achieve victory in all aspects of life.

You can keep this yantra in business or altar place and do the pooja .You have to chant this mantra for 108 times and with the energy of chanting you would be blessed with the positive energy of Sri Krishna Yantra.

Sri Krishna Mantra is as follows
Om Krishnaya Namah or Om Krishnaya Sharanam Namah.

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